Dose Up on Vitamin D

Sunshine provides a rich natural source of Vitamin D, which has numerous health benefits. However, despite living in a country that is drenched with a lot of sunlight, many Australians are Vitamin D deficient. This is possibly due to many of us actually fearing the sun and growing up with the national summer slogan of ‘slip, slop, slap’.

But scientific evidence shows that optimum exposure to the sun can prove to be really beneficial for our health. The health benefits of adequate Vitamin D levels are nothing short of amazing, so making time for regular sun bathing is worth adding to your health checklist.

Sunlight increases the production of white blood cells, which help to prevent infections caused by bacteria, fungi and viruses. The resulting Vitamin D fights infections, including colds and flu.

Due to an improved immune system, Vitamin D also prevents chronic diseases and the incidence of several types of cancer could be slashed in half.

Vitamin D is also very important for reducing hypertension, atherosclerotic heart disease, heart attack, and stroke. And Vitamin D is important for the prevention of autoimmune diseases.

We recommend that you protect your face with a light SPF or hat but get out into the sun and expose your body to the healing rays of sunshine for 10 to 20 minutes per day, depending on how fair you are. The best absorption of Vitamin D happens through fatty areas of the body, such as thighs, belly and buttocks. And if this is not an option, then seek the advice of a good naturopath or doctor who can recommend a Vitamin D supplement.

Sonja Sorich is the director of spa and wellness for Mt Lofty House and has over 16 years of experience as a wellness ambassador working alongside top practitioners in internationally acclaimed spa’s and health resorts.


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