Earthing for Better Health

Like Richard Gere in the 1990 movie Pretty Woman, many of us don’t make a concerted effort to leave our shoes behind and feel the grass beneath our feet.

Modern day living has our well-shod feet pounding the asphalt rather than going at least some times barefoot on earthy surfaces such as grass, soil and sand. In doing so we have become disconnected from the Earth’s natural energy, and conversely our bodies have become exposed to dis-ease and disruptions to homeostasis.

On a daily basis our body accumulates free radicals created by normal metabolic processes as well as everyday life stressors. Add to that the build up of positive electrons from the Electromagnetic waves from mobile phones and WiFi, and our electrical balance is bound to be off-centre. In the absence of contact with the Earth’s energy, and the free or negative electrons it produces to counteract this non-stop accumulation, our overall wellness is compromised.

By the process of Earthing or grounding, which is allowing your skin to make contact with the Earth, we can reconnect to the Earth’s subtle electrical energy. You may be already doing it without realising. How good does it feel to walk along the water’s edge at the beach? Healing?

Regular Earthing restores the electrical stability of the body, balancing the positive and negative electrons, which in turn improves sleep, increases energy, relieves muscle tension, and aids recovery and healing, reducing inflammation, chronic pain and stress.

Reaping the benefits of Earthing is as simple as removing your shoes and going barefoot. For best results, the feet should be in direct contact with the ground: rock, soil, grass, sand, or in conductive water such as the ocean. Get your hands dirty, literally, and do some gardening minus the gloves, or take a swim in the ocean or a mineral-rich lake for maximum results.

If you tend to spend more time indoors, invest in a grounding device such as a conductive sheet, mat, band or patches, that are specifically designed to transfer energy from the earth, producing a similar effect as a barefoot stomp outdoors.

When visiting the Mt Lofty House, why not take a meditative barefoot stroll through the pretty gardens surrounding the House and feel the grass between your toes as you harmonise your body’s electrical energy. And don’t forget to breathe!


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