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Spa Menu.

Our holistic menu offers relaxing rituals, rejuvenating experiences and gentle beauty treatments that honour your body’s individual needs and acknowledge where you are in your life’s journey. 

We are proud to be an exclusive Jurlique approved day spa. This globally successful skincare brand places great focus on the finest biodynamic and organic ingredients that are grown and hand harvested at its farm, located in Mount Barker, just a stone’s throw away from Mount Lofty House.

We are also a stockist of the award winning Australian spa brand WATERLILY. The brand was born in 2004 from a naturopathic approach synergising meticulous formulations, artisan crafting techniques and the finest nutrient rich ingredients to create an effective and aromatic solution for Spa Wellness. Concentrated formulations focus on delivering visible benefits with an emphasis on purity, efficacy and authenticity, while delivering opulent textures and a holistic ritual of self-care.

Our opening hours : 9am – 5pm 7 Days
Phone: (08) 8130 9229


For almost 35 years Jurlique has been growing and harvesting botanicals at its biodynamic farm in the Adelaide Hills, chosen as the purest place on Earth. The farm is treated as a living organism, using advanced biodynamic practices to create potent botanicals – and to ensure nothing harmful makes it into our skin and into our environment.

Always innovating, always at the cutting edge of skin science, always staying true to its artisanal roots.


Indulgence Experience

body exfoliation | full body hydration treatment | warm citrus cream hair treatment | rose quartz facial | hand & nail treatment | delicious lunch

For those who love to be pampered, spoilt and absolutely doted on! Your indulgence experience starts with a relaxing foot exfoliation, hot towel and foot massage..

A full body exfoliation follows with your choice of either vanilla bean and cocoa or lime caviar treatment. Completed with a tailored nourishing body massage using the finest botanical oils, shea butter and molten body balm.

After your body is relaxed, your face is then treated to our divine rose quartz facial. Hair is drenched in our gorgeous warm citrus hair masque and hands are treated to a hand and nail treatment.

Upon completion, enjoy a delicious lunch with a glass of our exclusive Estate sparkling wine. A favourite amongst ladies for bridal parties, weekend getaways or to recharge and rejuvenate oneself.

180 min | $575 (Mon-Fri)  | $660 (Sat-Sun)


Tailored Treatment

Day spa your way. Create your very own experience by combining your favourite spa treatments.

Our gorgeous sensory rituals and treatments are enriched with organic plant essences, vitamins and nutrients, designed to nourish, hydrate, and revitalise your mind, body, and soul.

Choose any three 30 minutes options from below

  • 1 | Back Massage
  • 2 | Express Facial
  • 3 | Body Exfoliation
  • 4 | Hair Treatment, Scalp and Foot Massage

$320 (Mon-Fri) | $365 (Sat-Sun)


Sensory Spa Escapes

Drive into the hills for a destination escape at Gatekeeper’s Day Spa and melt into luxurious sensory rituals rich in vitamins and botanical nutrients designed to nourish, hydrate and revitalise mind, body and soul.

full body & scalp massage | classic facial

Close your eyes and let go of your daily stress. This is your escape to a state of relaxation and rejuvenation unlike any other.

Begin your ritual with a tailored full body massage using a luxury botanical serum/oil layered with omega serums, molten butters, vitamin E and a blend of cold pressed oils. Let your skin drink it all in while you let go of the days stress.

Your indulgent treatment continues with a Luxury facial that revitalises your skin and leaves you with a beautiful, radiant glow.

Concluding with a tension dissolving scalp massage combined with the truly pampering effects of a warm citrus hair mask, you will want to come back again and again! It’s the perfect escape!

$400 (Mon-Fri)  |  $460 (Sat-Sun)

hand treatment | neck & shoulder massage | hydrating & revitalising seasonal facial

Experience the Adelaide Hills with all your senses. Let go of what keeps your mind occupied. This is your time to let your body rest and your mind travel.

The journey begins with a divine hand and arm treatment. Let go of all tension held in your neck and shoulders with a rich oil massage, before finding peace through a hydrating and revitalising Jurlique Classic facial.

We finish your little getaway with a sweet treat and herbal tea before farewelling you with a little surprise gift to continue your sensory journey at home.

$245 (Mon-Fri)  |  $280 (Sat-Sun)

foot exfoliation & massage | neck & shoulder massage | hydrating & revitalising classic facial

Before it’s time for you to nurture your little human, allow us to take care of your body and soul.

We begin with a gentle foot exfoliation and foot massage. This will invigorate your tired feet and help cool any swelling before we continue with a comforting neck and shoulder massage that will release any stored tension and stress.

We complete your soothing experience with a tailored hydrating Classic facial that will leave you revitalised, relaxed and ready for the next chapter of your life.

You also get to take home a gift for you and your baby from My LiliPilli!

$280 (Mon-Fri)  |  $320 (Sat-Sun)

hot stone back massage |express facial | citrus cream scalp treatment | foot massage

Rest and revive with this decadent therapy; a deeply relaxing stress release back massage, a refreshing express facial, a scalp therapy with warm citrus hair cream and a peppermint foot massage.

This ritual is a popular choice for many of our male guests or anyone wanting to look and feel younger and refreshed.

$310 (Mon-Fri)  |  $365 (Sat-Sun)


Express Indulgences

Are you looking for something to round off your day spa escape? Add any of the below options to your booked treatment.

A focused massage dedicated to the areas that need it most.

$125 (Mon-Fri)  |  $145 (Sat-Sun)

$115 (Mon-Fri)  |  $130 (Sat-Sun)

Cleanse, exfoliate, toning massage, serum & moisturise

$125 (Mon-Fri)  |  $145 (Sat-Sun)

back polish & massage | customised facial  

Retreat from the outside world as you are taken on a complete aromatherapy journey. Your treatment commences with a nurturing back polish and massage followed by a customised facial treatment to restore and replenish. Connecting your skin, mind and body through the potent powers of nature.

60mins | $150 Monday – Friday.  

*Limited time offer, available Monday – Friday only. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer, no further discounts apply.


Massage Rituals

Our massage rituals combine the therapeutic effects of essential oil blends which are steeped in a skin nourishing infusion of pure botanical oils. Your skin will feel replenished, your soul soothed and your body rejuvenated.

A deeper, firmer massage using warmed bamboo sticks.  This divinely deep yet relaxing massage will stimulate circulation deep within your muscle tissues leaving you feeling supremely rejuvenated. A must for everyone.

60 Mins  |  $195 (Mon-Fri)  |  $225 (Sat-Sun)

This firmer, deeper massage is ideal for anyone who holds extra tension in their body. As blood flow is encouraged, metabolic toxins are flushed out, and muscular tension fades away.

60 Mins  |  $185 (Mon-Fri)  |  $215 (Sat-Sun)
90 Mins  |  $245 (Mon-Fri)  |  $280 (Sat-Sun)

This gentle flowing massage offers the gift of a nurturing touch as traditional Swedish techniques and movements safely support the release of stress, tension and fatigue.

60 Mins  |  $175 (Mon-Fri)  |  $200 (Sat-Sun)
90 Mins  |  $235 (Mon-Fri)  |  $270 (Sat-Sun)

Therapeutic heat is slowly released into the deeper muscle layers as warm stones, bathed in oils and held in the palms of your therapist, glide over your body. This deeply soothing and relaxing experience is also wonderful for blood circulation, and relief of stiff joints and injuries.

60 Mins  |  $195 (Mon-Fri)  |  $225 (Sat-Sun)
90 Mins  |  $255 (Mon-Fri)  |  $295 (Sat-Sun)

Dedicated to the areas that hold the most stress. Relax and unwind with a back, shoulder, and neck massage.

30 Mins  |  $125 (Mon-Fri)  |  $145 (Sat-Sun)
45 Mins  |  $155 (Mon-Fri)  |  $175 (Sat-Sun)


Jurlique Spa Facials

Our exclusive spa facials use premium Jurlique products formulated to harness the healing and restorative power of active organic botanicals and vitamin-enriched infusions to promise visible results.

deeply cleansing | resurfacing | detoxifying | for all skin types

Perfect for guests who wish to relax and unwind while their skin is being pampered. Formulated to protect your skin from free radicals, our tailored cleansers and exfoliants are deeply detoxifying.

A nourishing facial massage is followed by a specific mask treatment and hand massage. The treatment concludes with serums and hydrating moisturisers. This facial will leave you with a refreshed and refined glow.

$195 (Mon-Fri) | $225 (Sat-Sun)

A double cleanse, exfoliation, treatment mask and moisturiser – perfect for a little pick-me-up!

$125 (Mon-Fri)  |  $165 (Sat-Sun)

brightening | energising | clarifying | firming

A targeted, triple-phase treatment to remove dead surface skin accumulation and help restore skin radiance. Beginning with an effervescent exfoliation, followed with deep infusion of concentrated peptides and Vitamin C. This treatment is perfect for skin showing the signs of sun damage, ageing and fatigue.

Customised to your skin’s needs, this illuminating and skin brightening facial minimises the appearance of pigmentation and others signs of aging and will leave your skin  feeling more refined, plump and youthful!

$255 (Mon-Fri) | $295 (Sat-Sun)



Spa-Ceutical Facials

anti-aging | nourishing | lifting | all skin types

Our Waterlily Luxury facial is the ultimate in relaxation. Perfect for our guests who just like to unwind while their skin is being pampered to perfection. Gorgeous cleansers, refining exfoliants, uplifting toner mists, decadent masks and moisturisers to protect your skin from free radicals, Waterlily will leave your skin refreshed and glowing while our expert facial, neck and shoulder massage will leave you divinely relaxed.

$195 (Mon-Fri) | $225 (Sat-Sun)

Facial package upgrade offer + $50 – For those who want to “level up” their facial, our upgrade package includes glycolic’ s, AHA’s, performance masks and more!

replenishing | for all skin types

Brighten, nourish and revitalise your complexion with this performance Petit Facial.

Using a selection of nourishing cold pressed plant oils, natural botanicals, French clay and hydrating aromatic infusions, your skin will love you.

$125 (Mon-Fru)  |  $165 (Sat-Sun)

firming | collagen inducing | anti-aging | nourishing | age proofing | for all skin types

A collagen inducing treatment harnessing heptapeptide-7 that activates epidermal growth factors to build collagen, reverse wrinkles and regulate hyaluronic acid. Targeting skin tone and texture, this anti-aging treatment is the number one ritual to see an immediate response in firmness, tone and radiance.

Cleanser, skin emulsion and omega serum are applied to the skin, followed by a vitamin enriched massage emulsion. Boosted with crystal essences, rose absolute and hyaluronic acid for the ultimate moisture locking hydration surge.

$295 (Mon-Fri)  |  $340 (Sat-Sun)

cleansing | relaxing | nourishing | for all skin types

This express facial treatment will boost your complexion with a deep cleanse, face compress, and exfoliation. Your therapist will then apply the LED light, followed by gently kneading away any tension with a relaxing face, neck, and shoulder massage. Pure nourishing essential oils will leave your skin feeling nurtured and calmed.

The soothing, deep penetrating, non-invasive LED light targets deeply within your skin to stimulate dermal blood flow, rejuvenate and promote faster healing. Your skin will glow, its texture will become more refined and collagen will increase.

$195 (Mon-Fri)  |  $225 (Sat-Sun)

emollient | nourishing | refining | retexturing | for dry, sensitive & devitalised skin

A nutrient rich repairing treatment featuring an intense infusion of carotene rich pumpkin and pure maple syrup layered on omega serums, alpha-hydroxy acids and antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, essential trace elements and powerful phyto-nutrients to visibly smooth, replenish and refine depleted skin.

This soothing skin ritual is layered with rich pumpkin fruit and a nutrient rich maple syrup. High in vitamins and gentle hydroxy acids, this performance facial delivers the elite in anti-ageing benefits that only Spa-Ceuticals can.

Locked in with a nutrient rich alginate masque blended with a freeze dried infusion of pure maple syrup and cinnamon, then fortified with 500mg of pure vitamin C, this facial will illuminate the complexion while promoting collagen and firming skin tone and texture.

$275 (Mon-Fri) | $315 (Sat-Sun)

anti-aging | nourishing | lifting | collagen inducing | all skin types

The A – List Facial is the ultimate age-defying dermal treatment combining the power of cutting-edge cosmeceuticals for a radiant youthful complexion with an advanced formula that harnesses the regenerative power of acai fruit stem cells and next generation retinoids. This helps to stimulate and restore cellular renewal and give you a transformative skin ritual to smooth lines and wrinkles and support collagen for a firmer and more resilient skin. Our Day spa Managers Favourite!

$300 (Mon-Fri) | $345 (Sat-Sun)


Body Rituals

body exfoliation | full body hydration treatment | warm citrus cream hair treatment | classic facial 

Our Signature Spa Ritual weaves together the Waterlily’s best products and world-class techniques to create a holistic, relaxing, and rejuvenating journey of indulgence.

A luxurious body treatment entwining vanilla bean and coco with skin nourishing botanicals and pure aromatic essential oils, to revitalise and hydrate for the ultimate rejuvenation ritual.

It begins with a soothing body polish, followed by a full body hydration rich in omega serums and molten butters which will revitalise your skin and deeply replenish your cells. Enjoy the truly pampering effect of a warm citrus cream hair mask and scalp treatment.

While your body rests, experience the relaxing effects of a spa facial tailored to your skin’s needs. We begin with a hydrating double cleanse and gentle exfoliation, before performing a calming, vitamin-rich emulsion massage. A skin specific decadent mask is applied while you enjoy the truly pampering effect of a warm citrus cream hair mask and scalp treatment.  This beautiful facial is concluded with a range of tailored serums and moisturisers and eye creams.

Before you leave our sanctuary, let us warm your body and soul with one of our signature herbal teas and a sweet treat from Red Cacao.

120mins | $380 (Mon-Fri)  |  $435 (Sat-Sun)

body polish | body wrap | hydrating body treatment | classic facial

Surrender into an artisan inspired ritual for healing, rest and rejuvenation.

Beginning with a smoothing and relaxing vanilla bean and cocoa body exfoliation, followed by a rich clay body wrap, your body is cocooned in precious oils and exquisite botanical extracts.

Whilst the clay is infusing, your face is treated to our perfect classic facial. Once your body is unwrapped, we will complete your Artisan Ritual with an aromatic molten cocoa butter massage.

$425 (Mon-Fri) | $490 (Sat-Sun)

The perfect indulgence to add as a 30-minute treatment before any massage or as a complete 60-minute body ritual which includes a deeply nourishing skin treatment.

  • Vanilla Bean & Cocoa Butter – drenched delight
    Scrub only – 30 mins | $125 (Mon-Fri) | $145 (Sat-Sun)
    Ritual – 60 mins | $235 (Mon – Fri) | $270 (Sat-Sun)
  • Lime Caviar – invigorate & refresh
    Scrub only – 30 mins | $125 (Mon – Fri) | $145 (Sat-Sun)
    Ritual  – 60 mins | $235 (Mon-Fri) | $270 (Sat-Sun)

Renewing | revitalising | Refreshing | Nourishing for ALL skin types

Starting with a traditional Ayurvedic dry body brushing spa technique that exfoliates your skin, stimulates blood circulation and lymphatics your body gets the perfect wake up! This technique has been celebrated for its therapeutic qualities of rejuvenating tired dull skin, improving circulation and tone through exfoliation and stimulation of the lymphatic system for many years and recommended by some of the worlds top skin care and wellness gurus.

Next an intensely nourishing and hydrating body balm infused with our exquisite body serum is applied using slow, effleurage movements. Leaving you in a state of relaxed bliss, your treatment is completed with a tailored Petit facial and stress relieving scalp massage.

A heavenly treatment!

  • dry body brushing
  • nourishing and  hydrating body treatment
  • petite facial
  • stress relieving scalp massage


90mins | $265 (Mon-Fri)  $295 (Sat-Sun)

luxury body massage | Jurlique classical facial 

Come and luxuriate in the decadent bliss of our nourishing “Coming up Roses” treatment.

Beginning with a 60 min Full body massage using Jurlique’s gorgeous Rose Body Oil , this treatment is guaranteed to unwind all stress and relax you to your very core. This amazing body oil is lightweight, silky smooth, delicately rose-scented and  rich in pure organic botanicals. It intensely hydrates, replenishes and nurtures your skin and senses.

After you’re relaxed, the bliss continues with our Jurlique Classical Facial focusing on what your skin needs.

Using our Rare Rose Collection, this range will help elevate your self-care and skincare ritual, providing nourishing all-day hydration for soft, smooth and naturally glowing skin. Powered by Jurlique’s exclusive Rose Extract and potent botanicals extracts, Rare Rose’s glow-boosting face oil, skin serum, lotion and cream, your “Coming up Roses” will provide you the ultimate hydration ritual not only for nourished and radiant skin but also food for your soul. You even get to take home a little Jurlique gift with you!

$425 (Mon-Fri)  |  $495 (Sat – Sun)


Hand & Foot Rituals

Let us pamper your hands and feet in a luxurious experience, using botanical nutrients, exotic fruits, and pure essential oils.

hot towel | cuticles & nails | hand massage | nail polish

We restore and nourish your hands with a gentle skin exfoliation massage followed by a fragrant hot hand towel.

Focused attention is given to the cuticles and nails before we complete your manicure with a nourishing hand massage and nail polish of your choice.

$155 (Mon-Sat) | $175 (Sun)

cuticles, nails & heels | foot massage | nail polish

Revive tired toes and feet as your soles are welcomed into a warm foot bath and revitalising peppermint exfoliation.

Focused attention is given to cuticles, nails and heels.

This refreshing treatment finishes with a peppermint cream foot massage and toenail polish of your choice.

$155 (Mon-Sat) | $175 (Sun)


A little something extra

Thinking about making your experience at Gatekeeper’s Day Spa even more decadent?
Why not add one of our delicious platters to complete your treatment?

All Yours

Indulge in the epitome of luxury with the Gatekeeper’s Day Spa exclusive ‘All Yours’ offer. Experience a day of unparalleled pampering as you reserve the entire spa exclusively for your special event. Revel in a personalised spa journey with a range of exquisite treatments, ensuring relaxation and radiant glow. Afterward, delight in a gourmet lunch at Hardy’s Bar, nestled in the picturesque setting of Mount Lofty House.

This bespoke special event package promises a day of tranquillity, beauty, and unforgettable memories. Elevate your experience and create lasting moments with Gatekeepers Day Spa’s exclusive ‘All Yours’ offer, where serenity meets sophistication.

Ideal for bridal parties, pre wedding indulgences or a special girls spa day.  

5 or 10 person packages available for an exclusive full day experience including lunch
Call us and we can help tailor a package for your group.

(08) 8130 9229

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Seasonal fruits, handcrafted chocolate, fresh pastries and delicious desserts served with a glass of our exclusive Estate sparkling.

FOR 1 | $45
FOR 2 | $75

A selection of locally sourced cured meats, pickled vegetables, cheese, pâté, marinated olives, and housemade sourdough bread served with a glass of our exclusive Estate sparkling.

FOR 1 | $85
FOR 2 | $110


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