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Spa Menu.

Our holistic menu offers relaxing rituals, rejuvenating experiences and gently beauty treatments than honour your body’s individual needs and acknowledge where you are in your life’s journey. 

We are proud to be an exclusive Jurlique approved day spa. This globally successful skincare brand places great focus on the finest biodynamic and organic ingredients that are grown and hand harvested at its farm, located in Mount Barker, just a stone’s throw away from Mount Lofty House.

Our opening hours : 9am – 6pm 7 Days
Phone: (08) 8130 9229


Signature Spa Ritual

Our Signature Spa Ritual weaves together the Hill’s best products and world-class techniques to create a holistic, relaxing, and rejuvenating journey of indulgence.

A luxurious body treatment entwining native lime caviar with skin nourishing botanicals and pure aromatic essential oils to revitalise and hydrate for the ultimate rejuvenation ritual.

It begins with a soothing body polish, followed by a full-body hydration treatment which will revitalise your skin and deeply replenish your cells. Before we move onto treating your face, enjoy the truly pampering effects of a warm citrus cream hair mask and scalp treatment.

While your body rests, experience the relaxing effects of a spa facial tailored to your skin’s needs. We begin with a hydrating double cleanse and gentle exfoliating, before performing a calming, vitamin-rich emulsion massage. This beautiful ritual is concluded by a soothing hydration face mask.

This is pure botanical indulgence from head to toe. Before you leave our sanctuary, let us warm your body and soul with one of our signature herbal teas.

120 mins | $360 (Mon-Sat)  |  $415 (Sun)

  • botanical body exfoliation
  • full body hydration treatment
  • warm jojoba hair treatment
  • seasonal botanical spa facial

Spa Escapes

Drive into the hills for a destination escape at Gatekeeper’s Day Spa and melt into luxurious sensory rituals rich in vitamins and botanical nutrients designed to nourish, hydrate and revitalise mind, body and soul.

full body & scalp massage | seasonal spa facial

Close your eyes and let go of all the daily stress. This is your escape to a state of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Begin your ritual with a tailored full body massage using a luxury botanical oil layered with omega serums, molten butters and vitamin E.

Your indulgent treatment continues with a seasonal spa facial that will revitalise your skin and leave you with a beautiful, radiant glow.

Your escape concludes with a tension dissolving scalp massage.

$370 (Mon-Sat)  |  $425 (Sun)

hot stone back massage express refresh facial | citrus cream scalp treatment | foot massage

Rest and revive with this decadent therapy offering a deeply relaxing stress release back massage, a refreshing express facial, a scalp therapy with warm citrus cream and a peppermint foot massage.

This ritual is a popular choice with many of our male guests and anyone wanting to look and feel younger and refreshed.

$240 (Mon-Sat)  |  $275 (Sun)

hand treatment | neck & shoulder massage hydrating & revitalising seasonal facial

Experience the Adelaide Hills with all your senses. Let go of what keeps your mind occupied. This is your time to let your body rest and your mind travel.

The journey begins with a native lime caviar hand treatment. Let go of all tension held in your neck and shoulders with a rich oil massage, before finding peace through a hydrating and revitalising seasonal facial. We finish your little getaway with a house-made rose macaron and herbal tea before farewelling you with a little surprise to continue your sensory journey at home.

$220 (Mon-Sat)  |  $255 (Sun)

foot bath & ritual | neck & shoulder massage | hydrating & revitalising signature facial

Before it is time for you to nurture your little human being, allow us to take care of your body and soul.

We begin with a gentle foot exfoliation. This will invigorate your tired feet before we continue with a comforting neck and shoulder massage that will release any stored tension and stress. We complete your soothing experience with a tailored hydrating signature facial that will leave you revitalised, relaxed and ready for your next chapter in life.

It is recommended that this treatment is not undertaken after 32 weeks to ensure your optimal comfort. Should this be a gift and you wish to wait until after baby, your are more than welcome to indulge once your baby is born.

$240 (Mon-Sat)  |  $275 (Sun)

body polish | body wrap | hydrating body treatment | classic facial

Surrender into an artisan inspired ritual for healing, rest, and rejuvenation.

Beginning with a smoothing and relaxing vanilla bean and cocoa body exfoliation, followed by a rich clay body wrap, your body is cocooned in precious oils and exquisite botanical extracts.

Whilst the clay is infusing, your face is treated to our perfect classic facial.

Once your body is unwrapped, we will complete your Artisan Spa Escape with an aromatic molten cocoa butter massage. 

$380 (Mon-Sat)  |  $435 (Sun)


Spa Facials

Our exclusive spa facials use premium Jurlique products formulated to harness the healing and restorative power of active organic botanicals and vitamin-enriched infusions to promise visible results.

revitalising | anti-ageing | hydrating detoxifying | for all skin types

This luxurious spa facial addresses multiple signs of ageing and leaves you looking radiant.

The decadent treatment begins with a luxurious double cleanse before a resurfacing enzyme peel is applied.

Your skin is then rejuvenated and softened with our hydrating facial oil massage, followed by a contouring technique using cool jade and warm rose quartz crystals to help detoxify and restore the firmness to your skin.

A neck and shoulder massage will further deepen your relaxation.

$245 (Mon-Sat)  |  $280 (Sun)

firming | brightening | anti-ageing for mature, dry & sensitive skin types

This deeply nourishing facial is perfect to add firmness to your skin, minimise lines and even out your skin tone.

Let us revitalise your skin with an invigorating enzyme peel in combination with our specialised firming and contouring massage techniques.

Treated with Jurlique’s clinically proven natural based anti-ageing skincare lines, your skin will feel deeply restored and firmer.

$195 (Mon-Sat)  |  $225 (Sun)

brightening | clarifying | firming | for all skin types

Customised for your skin’s needs this illuminating and skin brightening facial minimises the appearance of pigmentation and other signs of ageing.

Your skin will feel more refined, plump and youthful after a deep cleanse, exfoliation, firming massage and mask.

$195 (Mon-Sat)  |  $225 (Sun)

cleansing | relaxing | nourishing for all skin types

This express facial treatment will boost your complexion with a deep cleanse, face compress and exfoliation. Your therapist will then apply the LED light followed by gently kneading away any tension with a relaxing face, neck, and shoulder massage using pure nourishing essential oils, leaving your skin feeling nurtured and calmed.

The soothing, deep penetrating non-invasive LED lights target deeply within your skin to stimulate dermal blood flow, rejuvenate and promote faster healing. Your skin will glow, texture becomes more refined and collagen increases.

$145 (Mon-Sat)  |  $165 (Sun)

deeply cleansing | resurfacing | detoxifying | for all skin types

Perfect for guests who wish to relax and unwind while their skin is being pampered. Formulated to protect your skin from free radicals. our tailored cleansers and exfoliants are deeply detoxifying. A nourishing facial massage is followed by a specific mask treatment and hand massage. The treatment concludes with serums and hydrating moisturisers. This facial will leave you with a
refreshed and refined glow.

$175 (Mon-Sat) I $199 (Sun)


Massage Rituals

Our massage rituals combine the therapeutic effects of essential oil blends which are steeped in a skin nourishing infusion of pure botanical oils. Your skin will feel replenished, your soul soothed and your body rejuvenated.

This firmer, deeper massage is ideal for anyone who holds extra tension in their body.

As blood flow is encouraged, metabolic toxins are flushed out, and muscular tension fades away.

60 Mins  |  $165 (Mon-Sat)  |  $190 (Sun)
90 Mins  |  $225 (Mon-Sat)  |  $260 (Sun)

This gentle flowing massage offers the gift of a nurturing touch as traditional Swedish techniques and movements safely support the release of stress, tension, and fatigue.

60 Mins  |  $165 (Mon-Sat)  |  $190 (Sun)
90 Mins  |  $225 (Mon-Sat)  |  $260 (Sun)

Therapeutic heat is slowly released into the deeper muscle layers as warm stones, bathed in oils and held in the palms of your therapist, glide over your body. This deeply soothing and relaxing experience is also wonderful for blood circulation, the relief of stiff joints and injuries.

60 Mins  |  $175 (Mon-Sat)  |  $199 (Sun)
90 Mins  |  $235 (Mon-Sat)  |  $270 (Sun)

Dedicate to the areas that hold the most stress, relax and unwind with a back, shoulder and neck massage.

30 Mins  |  $95 (Mon-Sat)  |  $115 (Sun)
45 Mins  |  $125 (Mon-Sat)  |  $145 (Sun)


Express Indulgences

Are you looking for something to round off your day spa escape? Add any of the below options to your booked treatment.

  • Back Massage | 30 mins | $95 (Mon-Sat) | $110 (Sun)
  • Warm Citrus Cream Hair & Scalp Treatment | 30 mins | $85 (Mon-Sat) | $99 (Sun)
  • Rejuvenating Facial | 30 mins | $95 (Mon-Sat) | $110 (Sun)

Tailored Treatments

Day spa your way. Create your very own experience by combining your favourite spa treatments.

Our gorgeous sensory rituals and treatments are enriched with organic plant essences, vitamins and nutrients, designed to nourish, hydrate, and revitalise your mind, body, and soul.

Choose any three 30 minutes options from below

  • 1 | Back Massage
  • 2 | Express Facial
  • 3 | Express Manicure
  • 4 | Express Pedicure
  • 5 | Hair & Scalp Therapy & Foot Massage


$260 (Mon-Sat) | $299 (Sun)

Choose any two 60 minute and one 30 minute option from below

  • 1 | Body Exfoliation & Hydration Treatment (60 min)
  • 2 | Wellness Massage (60 min)
  • 3 | Seasonal Spa Facial (60 min)
  • 4 | Express Facial (30 mins)
  • 5 | Express Manicure or Pedicure (30 min)


$420 (Mon-Sat) | $485 (Sun)


Holistic Treatments

Let us treat your mind, body, spirit as a whole for optimum health and healing.

Ayurveda is the world’s oldest recorded healing system used for well over 5,000 years. It is designed to revitalise and balance body, mind and spirit. 

It recognises the importance of physical balance. emotional and mental health. mindfulness and spirituality. In Ayurveda. prevention is emphasised over cure. 

Ayurveda is the sister science to yoga, and this consultation considers diet. lifestyle. meditation. yoga. herbs. and body treatments. 

$225 (Mon-Sat) | $260 (Sun)

This ancient Japanese hands-on healing technique utilises universal energy, prana or qi for health and wellbeing. 

It balances the chakras and the subtle auric energy field around the body, where disturbances run deep, and true healing begins. 

We all have an innate ability to heal. 

Reiki is a powerful tool for inner peace, healing, and personal transformation. It helps clear emotional issues. and balances body. mind. and spirit. 

Reiki treats everything; it is a safe and gentle complementary therapy. Clinical studies have found it useful for relaxation, pain, and anxiety management. 

Crystals. space mists. sound therapy. light therapy. flower essences, and sacred oils may be utilised as they work beautifully to enhance this natural healing force. 

Sessions are conducted fully clothed. with regular sessions encouraged. 

$165 (Mon-Sat) | $190 (Sun)

Hand & Foot Rituals

Let us pamper your hands and feet in a luxurious experience, using botanical nutrients, exotic fruits, and pure essential oils.

hot towel | cuticles & nails hand massage | nail polish

We restore and nourish your hands with a gentle skin exfoliation massage , followed by a fragrant hand hot towel.

Focused attention is then given to the cuticles and nails before we complete your manicure with a nourishing hand massage and nail polish of your choice.

$145 (Mon-Sat) | $165 (Sun)

cuticles, nails, heels foot massage | nail polish

Revive tired toes and feet as your soles are welcomed into a warm foot bath and revitalising peppermint exfoliation. Focused attention is then given on cuticles, nails, and heels.

This refreshing treatment finishes with a peppermint cream foot massage and toenail polish of your choice.

$145 (Mon-Sat) | $165 (Sun)


Beauty Indulgences

Only available as an upgrade in combination with a 1 hour or longer treatment.

  • Brow Tint | $30 (Mon-Sat) | $35 (Sun)
  • Lash Tint | $30 (Mon-Sat) | $35 (Sun)
  • Brow Wax & Tint and Lash Tint  | $55 (Mon-Sat) | $65 (Sun)
  • Lash Perming | $95 (Mon-Sat) | $110 (Sun)
  • Brow Wax & Tint and Lash Perm & Tint | $145 (Mon-Sat) | $165 (Sun)

A little something extra

Thinking about making your experience at Gatekeeper’s Day Spa even more decadent?
Why not add one of our delicious platters to complete your treatment?

Seasonal fruits, handcrafted chocolate, fresh pastries and exclusive desserts served with a glass of our exclusive Sequoia Pinot Noir Chardonnay.

FOR 1 | $45
FOR 2 | $75

A selection of locally sourced cured meats, pickled vegetables, cheese, pate, marinated olives, and housemade sourdough bread served with a glass of our exclusive Sequoia Pinot Noir Chardonnay.

FOR 1 | $85
FOR 2 | $110